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Offer B

  • Pre-Purchase 5 Hours of Services provided by YOB team (see list of services)
  • Can be used for Digital Marketing and IT Support
  • 30 Minute Discovery Call included
  • One Month YOB Membership included.
  • Renew at the same price for 12 months

 Value: $300 plus hst

List of Services

Business Consulting

Everything starts with a conversation so we can better understand what Your Online Business can do for your business and whether we are a fit for each other. 

Website Design

Your website is your brand as well as a marketing tool and a communication tool. If you already have a website we can help you to optimize and improve it.

Email Marketing & Automation

We provide creative and effective strategies to help your business build an email list and then we show you how to automate the process. 

Creative – Graphic Design Services

By utilizing a qualified graphic designer, you can ensure that your website, marketing materials, and other visuals reflect the high quality of your company’s product or service. 

Local Search Results

Google, Bing and Yahoo are the major search engines that people use to find your products and services.  Your Online Business can show you how you can tap into that free traffic. 

Social Media

Your Online Business will show you how to get your message out and where you should and should not be spending your time on social media.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage people on the Internet. Our team can create, edit and market your video to the people that are searching for the products and services that your business provides.

Sales Pages/Sales Funnels

We can set up a sales page that we can drive traffic to through paid advertising, social media or email. Do you have a product or service that you’re ready to sell?

Search Engine Marketing – Google – Youtube – Bing Ads

Search engine marketing (SEM) is an important form of digital marketing that helps ensure your website and business are seen by the right people. Let’s explore what search engine marketing can do for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing uses social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to reach potential customers and build relationships with them. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of social media marketing for businesses.

Content Marketing

We help you create valuable, consistent, and relevant content to engage your audience, build trust, and increase customer conversion and retention.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO helps businesses improve their online visibility, attract more targeted traffic to their website, and ultimately generate more leads and sales.